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Environmental baseline monitoring in the Vale of Pickering

Click on a square to see today's data for that station.

Older data can be seen here

Station Map

The star shows the location of the Kirby Misperton 8 site.

More information
  • BGS Environmental Baseline Monitoring
  • Government guidance on fracking: developing shale oil and gas in the UK
  • Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering review of the risks associated with hydraulic fracturing during shale gas exploration and production
  • National Research Council, 2012. Induced seismicity potential in energy technologies, National Academies Press
  • Seismological Research Letters: Special Issue on Injection-Induced Seismicity.
  • British Geological Survey Shale Gas Project
AU07_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU08_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU09_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU10_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU14_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU15_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU16_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU18_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif AU20_SHZ_UR_00.2020012000.gif
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