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Links to Seismology Information

Seismological societies

  • European Seismological Commission Society for promotion of seismological studies and projects in Europe, countries bordering the Mediterranean and immediate neighbours; an area from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge to the Urals and the Arctic ocean to northern Africa.
  • Seismological Society of America Scientific society devoted to the advancement of earthquake science.
  • Asian Seismological Commossion gives an excellent introduction to all elements of seismology.

Educational pages for seismology

  • IDEERS web site at Bristol University. This site has a range of educational information to which BGS is contributing.
  • Virtual coursework on earthquakes Online tutorial on how to calculate the epicentre and magnitude of an earthquake.
  • USGS education site for children gives an excellent introduction to all elements of seismology.
  • Geologic Hazard is an informative guide with a section containing specific articles on earthquakes.

Regularly updated earthquake listings

  • BGS recent earthquake list UK region only.
  • European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre Homepage (world)
  • IRIS Seismic Monitor (world)
  • USGS NEIC near-real time earthquake bulletin. List and map of recent world earthquakes.

World earthquake data sources

  • International Seismological Centre The ultimate repository for globally recorded earthquake data. The ISC computes 'best solutions' around 2 years in arrears from agencies all over the world. The BGS UK network data is contributed to the ISC.
  • NOAA National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) earthquake data.
  • USGS NEIC EPIC database. This page allows searches by individual catalogue and area. There are several different catalogues covering varying time spans and different (sometimes overlapping) regions of the world.
  • GSHAP project. Global Seismic Hazard Assessment Programme web site. Provides generalised seismic hazard map of the world, with separate regional maps available.

Comprehensive index page for seismologically related links (recommended)

  • Seismological Surfing, US site.

Seismology Reference Manuals

  • Manual of seismological Observatory Practice (MSOP) - Introduction
  • MSOP - Original 1979 edition (online)
  • IASPEI International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology


  • American Red Cross - Disaster Safety (Earthquakes). What to do in an earthquake ?
  • Earthquake Safety Guide (US)


  • Montserrat Volcano Observatory ( particular BGS involvement)
  • Smithsonian Institution - Global Volcanism Program
  • Volcano world

News and information pages (search for stories containing 'earthquake')

  • CNN Homepage (European mirror site)
  • Yahoo Headlines
  • BBC News Front Page
  • ReliefWeb Natural Disasters site United Nations site that gives information on current world disasters.
  • Reuters news
  • 谷歌 news gives links to all related stories.
  • Sky new services

UK Media Directory

  • UK media index covers all newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations.
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