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Online data feeds available from BGS

We are making more of our geological data available in open formats. The following feeds are available for recent earthquake data.

GeoRSS feed

GeoRSS feeds work as normal RSS feeds, but have additional location information embedded in each item. They can be incorporated into mashup-type applications using 谷歌 Maps and other available aggregators.

To gain a quick visualisation, copy the URL of the feed below into the search box in 谷歌 Maps.

RSS logo Recent UK earthquakes
RSS logo Recent World earthquakes

KML feed

KML files allow data to be visualised in 谷歌 Earth and 谷歌 Maps. Other GIS software, geobrowsers, virtual globes and web-based mapping applications such as MapTube can also read data in this format.

Follow the link below to save the KML file to your PC or choose to open it with 谷歌 Earth.

Earth icon Recent UK earthquakes
Earth icon Recent World earthquakes
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